wind farm projects

Development of wind farm projects

Our main activity is drawing up and realization of wind farm projects for external investors. Among other services we provide:

  • analysis of potential locations for wind farm projects in regard of siting, location infrastructure, land barriers and obstacles, environmental conditions, proximity of the road, possibility of the grid connection, etc.,
  • communication with local communities (local authorities and residents) before and during realization of wind farm projects,
  • securing the land for the purposes of wind farms location – acquiring and leasing areas for construction of wind farms,
  • planning infrastructure which accompanies the wind turbines (lines, cables, substations, access roads, crane pads, arcs etc.),
  • planning productivity-oriented wind farm layout which contains micrositing of WTGs as per best siting practices,
  • carrying out administrative procedures leading to obtaining localization decision,
  • carrying out environmental procedures determining environmental conditions for the projects – preparation of applications and investment information cards, step by step realization of proceedings leading to issuance of decisions on environmental conditions for the investment, including preparation of environmental impact assessment reports, field studies, public consultations, arrangements on the environmental conditions for the planned project with the Regional Environmental Protection Directorate and District Inspector of the Chief Sanitary Inspection, etc,
  • conduction of proceedings to grant building permit for wind farms and connections to the grid – basic designs preparation, control and supervision, custom made change of issued building permits as per requirements of the investor,
  • implementation of requirements for environmental protection which need to be included in documentation required for the issue of the building permit decision,
  • managing, providing technical and content-related supervision of the wind farms basic and detailed designs,
  • supervision and carrying out executive works during the wind farms construction,
  • formal-and-legal service during the investment process at every stage of its implementation until the building permit is issued and became final and binding,
  • obtaining arrangements of investment with civil and air force aviation,
  • carrying out comprehensive measurement campaigns by means of met masts together with wind study analysis,
  • utilization of GIS technology and MapInfo or Wind Pro in the process of drawing up wind farm projects,
  • support in preparation of financial models and business plans for investments,
  • support in ITT processes (for general contractors, WTG choice), PPA, CPA and BOP contracts negotiations.