solar park projects

Solar park projects

Due to planned changes in polish legislation that are to be adopted in the form of Renewable Energy Law within next year, the PV farm projects seem to be realistic and promising investment opportunity.

Even though the technology of solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity is very simple and understandable, the administrative process related to development of solar projects in Poland is very complicated and unclear. In order to meet the needs of Investors interested in realization of PV projects RTB Developer Sp. z o. o. developed its own standard for proper realization of solar park projects until building permit is final, binding and unquestionable.

Services we provide in relation to drawing up and realization of PV farm projects for external investors, among others, include:

  • detailed formal and legal analysis of potential solar projects,
  • feasibility study of potential sites for PV farm projects from the point of view of possible siting and connection to grid,
  • securing the land for the purposes of solar park location and its infrastructure – acquiring or leasing land,
  • investigation of the sites based on climatic factors – average annual insolation, air temperature, pollution,
  • studies enabling proper choice of solar panel technology for specific sites,
  • communication with local communities (local authorities and residents) before and during realization of solar projects,
  • planning infrastructure which accompanies the solar panels (cables, substations, access roads),
  • carrying out administrative procedures leading to obtaining localization decision,
  • complex environmental compliance services (advisory and assessments) and carrying out of environmental procedures determining environmental conditions for the PV projects,
  • conduction of proceedings to grant building permit for PV farms and connections to the grid (basic designs preparation, control and supervision) or alternatively realization of the solar panels construction on the basis of a notification submitted to the appropriate authority,
  • formal-and-legal service during the investment process at every stage of its implementation until the finalization of project developemt procedures,
  • support in preparation of financial models and business plans for investments,
  • support in ITT processes (for general contractors, solar panel choice), PPA, CPA and BOP contracts negotiations.