about us

The team

RTB Developer is a team of qualified managers highly experienced in the field of renewable energy in Poland. The backbone of our company consists of technical engineers, specialists in environmental impact assessment and GIS technology, as well as project managers with technical and legal background. We also collaborate and built strong relationships with wide range of sub-contractors (designers, lawyers, urban planners, authorized advisors, environmental specialists – herpetologists, ornithologists, chiropterologists, botanists).



As a professional project development company we guarantee a due time supply of administrative consents and decisions in realization of investment process on behalf and for the Investor. We provide ready to build projects, ensuring high quality and flexibility.

In our projects under development we worked out a well-defined procedure, an algorithm that consists of the following stages:

  • selecting the right land – characterized with: sufficient wind conditions or insolation, with low industrial suitability, access of electrical and road infrastructure, low environmental value, possibly distant from existing housing areas. During that stage we eliminate the areas that are not designated for location of renewable energy projects in the long-term zoning directions and conditions of particular communes,
  • at the sites indicated during afore-mentioned process we select specific geodetic plots, which we secure and make use of the right to such land for the purposes of realization of our project,
  • we initiate detailed technical analysis and environmental studies that will enable indication of general parameters of the planned projects and siting of particular installations and surrounding infrastructure,
  • we commence proceedings related to issuance of environmental decision determining environmental conditions for the projects and work on zoning documents (zoning plan, zoning conditions, etc.),
  • as soon as the environmental decision determining environmental conditions for the project and zoning documents are in place, we start designing process, apply for interconnection terms and conditions to grid operator, get involved into the process of being granted various arrangements with different territorial administrative institutions, that eventually ends with submission of application to be granted building permit,
  • when the building permit is issued and becomes final and binding we begin activities leading to secure financing for the project and tendering processes for general contractor, WTG type, etc. At this moment the interconnection agreement is already duly concluded with grid operator and shortly afterwards the power purchase agreement is signed,
  • next steps are simply related to construction works, project commencement and operation stage which is preceded with being granted operation license.

The investment process lasts from two to four years depending on different collateral circumstance.

At each relevant step of development process we conduct public consultations. Our intention is to share updates on our activities, give information on project pros and cons, exchange opinions and seek compromise where it is due. We believe that the project can be successful only if it gains approval from majority of local community.

Throughout the whole investment process we pay strong attention to environmental conditions, restrictions and necessary mitigation measures for the project. We do not limit ourselves merely to administrative procedures – our installations aim to serve humans but cannot contribute to environment degradation.