RTB Developer – renewable energy projects from cradle to completion

The company actively works in the following fields:

  • development of renewable energy projects (mainly wind farm and PV farm projects) until RTB stage,
  • supervision of wind farm project during its construction and operation phases,
  • technical analysis of wind farm projects (due diligence),
  • realization of own wind farm projects under RTB Developer Sp. z o.o.,
  • support in seeking and acquiring wind farm projects,
  • complex environmental compliance services (advisory and assessments).

Energy production from renewable energy sources is a true alternative for energy produced from conventional sources. Considering the fact that each year the production of energy from conventional plants becomes more and more expensive, the development of renewable energy sector is a must. Founders of RTB Developer have chosen the renewable energy in the field of projects and services as their main activity. Taking into account the climatic conditions and other factors of legal, economic and technical nature, the decision was made to focus company’s attention on generation of energy from two sources: wind and sun. RTB developer draws up medium and large (starting from 2MW of installed capacity) wind and solar park projects.

Our work consist in conduction of complete investment process – from the preliminary concept up to operation stage of the installation (“RTB Developer – renewable energy projects from cradle to completion”). We develop our own projects but also draw up projects for and on behalf of interested investors. No matter which of our activities is in question, we act in identical pattern – we want to finalize the best quality project in shortest timeframe (“RTB Developer – efficiency in action”).

Despite the fact that investment process is a sum of different milestones and stages, we see it as the cause and effect concept and from the very beginning of development process we focus on the main goal – to achieve a compact, operational and efficient installation that will generate profit.