due diligence

Technical analysis of wind farm projects (due diligence)

We provide quality and feasibility studies (due diligence) of wind farm projects on the level of acquisition, consisting of legal due diligence of all above mentioned in section 1 investment project aspects. Based on acquired information and our long-time experience in technical, on-site and content-related development of wind farm projects we provide results of the study in professional way (i.e. form of check list) alongside with our opinion on quality and recommendation for Investor.

Support in seeking and acquiring wind farm projects

Alongside with efficient management of due diligence in acquisition transactions we provide our services in market research while looking for projects to acquire. When Investor finds particular project interesting we help in acquisition of the project and provide consultancy services during negotiations of conditions of investment agreement for sale of wind farm projects. In addition we provide supervision of proper execution of investment agreements. In the attachment “wind farm projects for sale” we present brief description of the projects which we can help acquire, providing best possible conditions. As per above section 4 we can provide custom-made changes to the projects.