construction & operation

Supervision of wind farm project during its construction and operation phase

Our company during above-mentioned phases in wind farm lifecycle can provide following services:

  • supervision of administrative procedures,
  • supervision of land lease and easement agreements,
  • contacts with local authorities and local community,
  • post-delivery public consultations,
  • securing project compliance with environmental and planning consents,
  • mitigating measures resulting from post-delivery analysis,
  • supervision of removal of any damages resulting from the investment project delivery,
  • supervision and coordination actions related to implementation of conditions for land use in the stage of project construction and operation (i.e. control of green areas created at the site),
  • supervision of construction works using heavy equipment; supervision of proper vehicle manoeuvring and proper substances storage; control of bats and birds protection during construction and in the operation stage; control of tree and shrub planting on new roads and utilities infrastructure, such as technological roads, etc,
  • preventing, reducing and counteracting the project’s environmental impact (i.e.: supervision of control measurements of noise emissions in the nearest acoustically-sensitive points),
  • providing conformance of the wind farm with the investment project’s parameters and terms defined in different consents,
  • management and supervision of post-delivery environmental studies (i.e.: bat monitoring for 3 years of the site’s commissioning date; Bird monitoring for 5 years of the site’s commissioning date; cooperation with the Regional Environmental Protection Directorate in the field of presentation of post-delivery analysis; analysis of the actual impact on the landscape),
  • management over regular controls of technical condition of the wind turbines and surrounding infrastructure to identify faults and prevent technical failures.